Problems of Waking Up early!

Many students have trouble Waking up early. Some of these problems is because many teachers give a lot of homework the same day and since students get home late because they go to school in a different borough , which makes them take like 2 or 3 different train and when they go home they got things to do. For example like do chores, take a shower, eat etc and then do your homework even how late it's get in order to pass all your classes. .

There’s many solutions on how to solve the problem of waking up early. The bad part of the mornings is getting out of bed, getting a super annoying alarm clock and extremely loud across the room will force students to get out of bed to turn their alarm off. Also students should make sure they know how much time it takes for them to get ready so that the alarm wakes them up at the right time. Once they get out of bed they should do their morning routine like always and don't go back to bed . This will help students wake up early so that they could get earlier or at the right time to any destination they have like school.

Another solution we have that could help waking up early is managing the time you use your phone at night. If you going to bed you should logout of any social media or mute any co conversation you have. Receiving text messages while you at bed would keep you awake and it won't help making you go to sleep. You would be so entertain that you would lose track of the time. Now this is a major problem because by the time you go to sleep it would be already time to wake up. You are going to want to stay in bed. Therefore the best way is to logout of an app or mute any conversations in your phone so it won't distract you. This would help you going to sleep faster, the more time you get of sleep the faster your gonna get up in the morning.